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Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Ways to Access Gmail in Iran [YouTube, Gmail and Google Blocked in Iran]

Access Gmail in Iran
Now after YouTube Iran Government has also blocked gmail as well as Google in Iran, I think they want to create their own intranet by disconnecting from the World Wide Internet. But according to a recent news Iran Govt. doesn’t want to cut their wires from the whole internet, only some filters have placed over the internet access in Iran as they always do (YouTube is blocked since 2009). But as a tech-savvy you will never want any internet restriction and specially the Google blockage. Below I mention three ways that you should follow if you really wants to access blocked sites in your country.

1.) Unblock Gmail in Iran using Hotspot Shield VPN

So it’s time to access your favorite site Gmail by breaking the internet filters. As I always prefer you can use Hotspot Shield free VPN. It will change your country’s IP with another country IP and you can access the whole internet bypassing the internet filters. This all happens via a virtual IP which is provided by Hotspot Shield. I suggest you to buy its elite version if you want to unblock all internet restrictions in Iran in an easy way. Its free version is also easy to use and reliable but only shows some advertisements, I only suggest an elite version of Hotspot Shield if you want to experience an ad free VPN access.

2.) Access Gmail in Iran By Using Mobile URL

Yes its true you can access mobile friendly version of gmail using its mobile url “” So Now you have full access to gmail as you surf in your mobile device. But this trick success rate is only 50%, please share your reviews in a comment if it works for you.

3.) Use IP Address instead of Main URL

I think Government has only blocked Host Name we can still access Gmail by using its IP address. I am not sure about it but you can try this method but for 100% access to gmail in Iran I will only follow “Step 1”. Hotspot Shield is first free VPN has more than 60 million trusted users due to its reliable and fast services.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Use Hotspot Shield to Access YouTube From School Computers

Access Youtube From School
Access Youtube From School
So as a student you want to access YouTube from school computers but every time your school’s network admin blocks access to all websites other than educational one. But this time you have Hotspot Shield, a free VPN gives you full permission to access YouTube, Facebook, twitter and other blocked sites from school PC.

Why Should You Choose Hotspot Shield?

Unblock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Change Your IP with a USA IP Use on PC, Mac or Any IOS device 100% Access To Blocked Websites

How Hotspot Shield Unblocks YouTube Access From School?

Do you know that a network admin blocks access to YouTube, Facebook and some other websites by using some access filters over the firewall or a LAN network. But by using Hotspot Shield you can break or bypass these filters by hiding your browsing session from the main server and it will give you full access to blocked websites.

Access YouTube From Work

In in last post I described that Why some countries block access to YouTube; also it is blocked at work stations where a boss wants that an employee can’t do anything else other than just WORK… But by using Hotspot Shield You can eliminate all country specific and boos restrictions from your PC.

It Also Provides 100% Online Privacy

Hotspot Shield generates a security Layer between our System and Network. It is also named as a secure VPN tunnel. It is used to encrypt data transmission between our system and network. Actually by using VPN our system will detect a network from another location by disconnecting a direct connection between our current network so that it’s named as the virtual network. By connecting your system using this virtual network you will capture a virtual online identity means your original info always be hidden behind secure tunnel. In simple words you can change your IP address with a USA IP using Hotspot Shield to hide your details from snoopers and for better protection when you use credit cards online.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Unblock YouTube - Access Controversial Videos Blocked in Your Country

OHH…. You want to access a particular video on YouTube but it shows “This video is not available in your country”. Actually this happens because the content owner or sometimes YouTube adds a geographic filter to this video means this video will accessible only from certain countries. But if you still want to access this video in your country where it is banned then you can use Hotspot Shield free VPN (virtual private network). By using this you can change your current IP means You can change your location by sitting in front of your PC. Now you will get an IP of a country where this video is accessible. So that is one more reason why we use VPN > to enjoy our favorite videos on YouTube :)
Unblock Youtube using Hotspot Shield

Internet Censorhip

Generally a Video access is blocked by the owner but a country can also block access to YouTube Video if it is against their laws. We see that China and many Islamic countries like Saudi Arabie, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran block some websites and some YouTube videos as they contain offensive or Controversial content which is against their laws and religion. Recently an Anti-Islamic YouTube videos has banned in major Islamic countries due to its controversial scenes. If it is against someone religion or laws then please don’t use it.

Access YouTube from Work

This is another problem that you face if you have a boss that doesn’t allow you to watch YouTube during office hours but there should be some fun time between work so access YouTube videos at work station by using Hotspot Shield. Download its easy to use setup to be anonymous during your work hours.

Access YouTube from School

Similarly as an office a teacher doesn’t allow access to YouTube in a classroom but like a naughty student access your favorite videos on YouTube using Hotspot Shield free VPN at your School’s PC.

A Trick that Works sometimes

Suppose You want to access a blocked YouTube Video “” just rewrites this in Urlbar in this format “” and you can access blocked YouTube video but this trick success rate is only 20% so download Hotspot shield to gain 100% access to blocked YouTube videos.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 Reasons Why should You Use a VPN – Hotspot Shield

Yes, A VPN is the primary solution of Online privacy as it hides your IP. But there are many other reasons why people prefer to use a VPN service. Below are the 6 reasons which will explain you how does a VPN helps you in different fields; either unblock websites or secure your system from snoopers.

1. Access Blocked Websites or Break Geo Restrictions

So it's time to gain ultimate freedom on the cyberspace by unblocking all restrictions that stop you to access your favorite websites. Many countries want to have a control over the internet; They block specific websites for public access e.g. Facebook and YouTube are blocked in many Islamic countries. But people still want to access these websites in these countries as they are their favorite. Every country binds this restriction to its IP address means you can’t access these websites under this IP. As you know that a VPN changes your IP with another location IP (other country) so this is the primary reason why we use VPN; to gain access to our favorite Websites in restricted regions. Similarly many schools don’t want that their students access Facebook at school so they block its access. But in this fb world you can’t stop student to access Facebook at school as they have Hotspot Shield free VPN to unblock Facebook at school.

2. Be Anonymous (Safe from Snoopers/Hackers)

A snooper is a person that steals your info/data from your system by tracking your system through its N/W IP address. But if you a VPN then it will change your Network IP with a virtual IP address so whenever a hacker/snooper will try to track you he will always see this virtual IP and can’t detect your location and system. So always remember to use a VPN service to be anonymous during your online transactions to hide your credit card details from IP trackers.

3. Encrypt Your N/W Traffic and Browsing Session

Do you know that every data/files transmits over the internet in an IP data packet format; Hackers use some IP trackers to capture info from these IP packets but is You use Hotspot Shield free VPN then this will encrypt these data IP packets and it becomes a hard task for a hacker to detect and understand the real data format.

4. Risk Free Internet Access at Public wi-fi and Hotspots

Stop broadcasting your personal data and emails at public wi-fi and Hotspots as they remain open for public to access the internet without any proper security module. So these Hot Spots become the Home for Hackers. So you must use a VPN whenever you use the internet using public wi-fi or in Hot Spot regions like Hotels, Airpot etc.

5. Hide Your Browsing Log From ISPs

Do you know your ISP always have an eye on your internet activity by tracking your browsing logs. They track it to control your internet access. Many times we see that internet speed slows down when you use a torrent service; Actually some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do this by tracking torrent activity from your IP. So I always use Hotspot Shield on Windows OS to hide my session from my ISP.

6. Malware Protection

Some malware sites infect your system performance and install some trozens as you open them. I don’t know about others but Hotspot Shield free VPN has a huge database of these malware sites to protect your system from them. And they update it regularly. So protect your system from Malware Sites by installing Hotspot Shield free VPN.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN

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