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Unblock YouTube - Access Controversial Videos Blocked in Your Country

Monday, September 24, 2012

Unblock YouTube - Access Controversial Videos Blocked in Your Country

OHH…. You want to access a particular video on YouTube but it shows “This video is not available in your country”. Actually this happens because the content owner or sometimes YouTube adds a geographic filter to this video means this video will accessible only from certain countries. But if you still want to access this video in your country where it is banned then you can use Hotspot Shield free VPN (virtual private network). By using this you can change your current IP means You can change your location by sitting in front of your PC. Now you will get an IP of a country where this video is accessible. So that is one more reason why we use VPN > to enjoy our favorite videos on YouTube :)
Unblock Youtube using Hotspot Shield

Internet Censorhip

Generally a Video access is blocked by the owner but a country can also block access to YouTube Video if it is against their laws. We see that China and many Islamic countries like Saudi Arabie, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran block some websites and some YouTube videos as they contain offensive or Controversial content which is against their laws and religion. Recently an Anti-Islamic YouTube videos has banned in major Islamic countries due to its controversial scenes. If it is against someone religion or laws then please don’t use it.

Access YouTube from Work

This is another problem that you face if you have a boss that doesn’t allow you to watch YouTube during office hours but there should be some fun time between work so access YouTube videos at work station by using Hotspot Shield. Download its easy to use setup to be anonymous during your work hours.

Access YouTube from School

Similarly as an office a teacher doesn’t allow access to YouTube in a classroom but like a naughty student access your favorite videos on YouTube using Hotspot Shield free VPN at your School’s PC.

A Trick that Works sometimes

Suppose You want to access a blocked YouTube Video “” just rewrites this in Urlbar in this format “” and you can access blocked YouTube video but this trick success rate is only 20% so download Hotspot shield to gain 100% access to blocked YouTube videos.