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VPN for Windows

VPN for Windows

Download Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows for 100% online privacy and to access every blocked websites in any restricted area. Hotspot Shield VPN software already has 60 Meg internet users who trust in it for their privatives, protection and immunity online. As in current Internet World everyone asks for a reliable online privacy and security solution so I suggest; you must use Hotspot Shield if you really want to be anonymous or hide your identity/data from hackers during your online transactions.

Hotspot Shield for Windows Provides

1. Complete Internet privacy for Window 7 / XP / all latest versions
2. Secure and Risk Free Web Browsing Interface
3. Easy to Install VPN setup suitable for all versions of Windows OS

How Hotspot Shield Works?

Hotspot Shield secures your web presence by encrypting your all browsing data through a virtual tunnel set up between your PC and its servers so that snoopers can’t capture your web presence. It safeguards you against any kind of sameness thefts by replacing your current IP destination with its own IP instruction set making you nameless on the internet. It is very easy to setup and install Hotspot Shield VPN on windows 7 or any other OS.

Why should I hide my IP address?

Do you know that your ISPs, websites you visit or snoopers use your IP address, cache and data logs to track your online activity. Whenever you visit a website, your footprints left behind on it. It’s true that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and websites use it only to provide reliable browsing interface by capturing your browsing experience but Snoopers use your IP or cache tracking to steal your important files. So the Hotspot Shield VPN works as a security interface between your PC and your n/w as it changes your IP location with its own IP servers and in this way snoopers can’t detect your real online presence.

Unblock Blocked Websites at School / College or Work Station

If you face Web restrictions on your school’s or college windows PC then you can break these restrictions by using Hotspot Shield free version on your Windows OS. I know that schools and work stations don’t allow the use of social networking interfaces like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. But if you want to access Facebook, twitter or any blocked site under restrictions then you should use hotspot shield free VPN to bypass all web filters. So it’s time to remove “Access Denied” message from your browser screen, just download Hotspot Shield and enjoy.

Bypass Country Specific Web Restrictions

Many websites are blocked in a specific country or region but people still want to access them as they are their favorite. So if you are also facing geographical web restrictions then Hotspot Shield is a solution for you. With one click easy to install VPN setup you can bypass all web restrictions in your country.

Offers Hot Spots / Wi-Fi Protection

Whenever you use a public wi-fi connection to access internet, it is necessary to use Hotspot Shield to protect public file sharing as it’s very easy for snoopers and hackers to track public web access at these public Hot Spots.